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A Guide To Designing Your Cake

The designing of your celebration cake should be a fun, stress free activity. Whether you know exactly what you want your cake to look like and just need help with the flavours or you know your flavour combination and need help with the final touches, checking off the points below will bring your cake design together. 

This guide will direct you towards the correct size of cake, help you choose flavours and decoration and provide some display suggestions.

Get familiar with the flavour options as well as the portioning guide

1.   Number of Guests

This is a simple detail to direct you towards the correct size of cake for your event. ​

Portion recommendations are based on adult servings. 

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2.   Serving Size


Just over 1" by 1" by 5.5" in height.




Just over 2" by 1" by 5.5" in height.

To make this decision consider these points:

- Is the cake the main dessert at the event or will there be other desserts served alongside?

- What event is your cake for?

Birthdays usually serve dessert portions whereas a wedding usually serve coffee portions. See more on portioning.

-   What is the child to adult ratio? 

Children and adolescence generally have a larger portion.

-   Do you want to have spare?

If your serving number is over 20 coffee or 15 dessert you could have a tiered cake. Having multiple tiers gives you the opportunity to have multiple flavours of cake. 

Note: There is an additional charge for tiered cakes.


3.   Choose Your Sponge and Icing Flavours

You may already know exactly what sort of sponge and icing you'd like but if you need some suggestions see my flavours and decoration page. 

Note: Buttercream icing can be made most colours to meet a desired colour pallet.

I can also take bespoke flavour requests, simply detail these when enquiring and we can discuss further.

For tiered cakes consider what flavour you'd like each tier to be.

cake serving .png
cake patterned top.png
rose icing top.jpg
neat icing top.jpg

3.   Choosing Your Icing Design


There are options for all aspects of your cake including the icing finish. I have 3 options for the icing on the side of your cake and the top.

Icing decoration on sides:


Open Sides

Icing is just within the cake layers and on top.

This design is suggested for the syrup soaked sponges only, due to drying out.


Naked Cake

Icing is within the cake layers and on top with a very thin layer around the cake leaving sponge visible.


Closed Icing Finish

Icing is within the layers, on top and completely encasing the sponge.

This finish is suggested for cakes which will be sat out most of the event for example at a wedding.

Icing decoration on top:

Neat Finish

Icing is smooth on top.


Icing is piped to give the look of a bouquet of flowers, such as the picture to the left.

Multiple Shapes

Multiple patterns and shapes are piped on the cake.


3.   Choose Your Decoration

All of my decoration options are detailed on the flavours and decoration page and for some cake inspiration see some I have previously made

You may also want some non-edible decorations such as cake toppers or flowers. This can be a simple but effective way to bring a colour or theme to a cake. If this is something you had in mind simply detail this on the enquiry form and we can discuss further.

4. Cake Display Suggestions

Here are a few illustrations of display options as well as some recommendations to perfectly display your cake.

- Is your cake the centre piece of a dessert table? 

Desserts surrounding the cake can really make the cake stand out as a centre spectacle at an event.

- Table space

Consider the space required for any additional decoration to compliment your cake as well as any other sweet treats.

You may also want room for plates, napkins, utensils.


Have a plain backdrop or a window to allow the detail and colour of the cake to stand out.

(Note: keep the cake out of direct sunlight)

- How to display

Display your cake on a raised platform such as a cake stand.

Consider what your cake will be sat on: glass, slate, wood. 

- Decoration

Consider having other decoration on your cake table such as  flowers, ribbon or themed decorations so your cake and its surroundings match the rest of your event.

- Labels

The ingredients list and allergens will be detailed on the formal contract so they are always accessible. I can also provide labels with this information on.

In terms of label design I can offer plain white card, a block colour or your personal design as the background.

It's best to have considered the points above before enquiring so the process moves along efficiently and with little stress.


Head to Ordering Process & Enquiries once you're ready to begin the order process.


Or if you have any queries regarding the above points head to the contact page for a quick question! 

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