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A Guide To Building Your Dessert Table

I want to make the building of your dessert table as stress free as possible. Choosing treats to go on your dessert table should be a fun activity.

I have created a guide  which will direct you towards the correct number of desserts, which flavours to choose and some display suggestions.

Get familiar with the desserts available for your dessert table here... Sweet treats for my dessert tables are the 'miniature' size, (macarons can be mini or regular size).

1.   Number of Guests

This is a simple detail to direct you towards the number of treats which will be on your dessert table.

Portion recommendations are based on adult servings. If the majority of the guests are children or adolescence a larger portion may be desired.

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2.   Number of Desserts

Consider these points:

-   Will there be other sweet treats on the dessert table?

-   Will there also be a cake served with the desserts? 

-   Do you want to have spare?

A general guide to portions are as follows:

Option 1: Rachel Bakes treats are the main dessert.

2-3 desserts per person.                     Roughly £3.50-£7.50.

Option 2: Other desserts and/or a cake is also being served alongside Rachel Bakes desserts.

1-2 desserts per person.                    Roughly £2-£4.50.

Option 3: You are looking for a small addition to your already built dessert selection.

1 dessert per person.                    Roughly £1-£2.50.

3.   Choosing Your Desserts

There are a couple of ways to choose your dessert selection. 

You may already have favourites, so this decision is simple but if you aren't sure consider these 2 points:

-   Do you want to stick to a rough colour scheme?

I have enough desserts on off that a choice between a darker dessert selection (mainly chocolate) and a lighter dessert selection (Italian meringue, cream toppings) is possible.

-   Do you have a favourite flavour when it comes to desserts?

My dessert selection offers a variety of types of dessert in 1 flavour. For example: Lemon- choux bun, eclair, macaron and 2 types of tart.

Or you may simply want a varied selection which I will be able to advise you on.

See all desserts available for your table here


4. Dessert Display Suggestions

Here are a few illustrations of display options as well as some recommendations to perfectly display your dessert selection.

- If there is a cake is it the centre piece? 

Desserts surrounding the cake can really make the dessert table an event spectacle. 

- Table space

Consider the space required for all your sweet treats.

You may also want room for plates, napkins, utensils and other decoration.


Have a plain backdrop or a window to allow the detail and colour of the desserts to stand out.

(Note: keep all desserts out of direct sunlight)

- How to display

Display the desserts on varying levels using cake stands, tiered platters, wood or slate.

- Decoration

As well as your desserts you may also want other decoration such as flowers, ribbon or themed decorations so your dessert table matches the rest of your event.

- Labels

The allergens will be detailed on the formal contract and a full ingredients list available upon request. I can also provide labels with this information on.

In terms of label design I can offer plain white card, a block colour or your personal design as the background.

It's best to have considered the points above before enquiring so the process moves along efficiently and with little stress.


Head to Ordering Process & Enquiries once you're ready to begin the order process.


Or if you have any queries regarding the above points head to the contact page for a quick question! 

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