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for smaller personal treats

Freshly baked delicate patisserie for bespoke dessert tables, event favours and afternoon tea.

Rachel Bakes

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I primarily cater for events making sweet treats for dessert tables and event favours as well as also making savoury treats for my full sweet and savoury afternoon tea.

With the variety of types of product I have as well as the choice of flavours and sizes there is something to suit all tastes and events. 

All my dessert tables are bespoke.  

I have created a Guide To Building a Dessert Table to give some direction but ultimately the decision as to which desserts go on the table is completely up to the customer. I will be there to answer questions and give advice and of course make the sweet treats for the day. 

My products are easy to browse on the All Products page and are all made fresh to order. Desserts available for my dessert tables and event favours are my miniature range, perfect handheld sweet treats for a dinner party of a few friends to an event with over 100 guests. 

I have a selection of afternoon tea packages ranging from basic cream tea to a full sweet and savoury afternoon tea, as well as options for a bespoke selection. For more information head to the Afternoon Tea Packages & Ordering Options page.

See what customers said about previous work.


The majority of my menu is made up of French patisserie so its no secret what my favourite bakes are to not only make but also eat. A local, classic patisserie and bakery are one of the first things I look for when I go to a city. These, often smaller, delicate bakes look beautiful as well as being full of flavour. I attended Le Cordon Bleu London and learnt from extremely experienced chefs to give me the theoretical and practical understanding of French baking and cooking which I apply to all my products.


Sharing Treats

All of my loaves and tarts come in 3 sizes. This means the larger 2 sizes are perfect as a dessert centre piece whether they are for a smaller group gathering or larger event. You can control the slice size! 

My choux bun range lends itself to an event setting with the recommended serving of at least 3 per person each guest can try multiple flavours. Each flavourful bun can be hand held and served as canapés or plated up at a dinner party. 

Celebration Cakes and Large Desserts

I think a celebration cake should be completely suited to the person receiving the cake. If you have a flavour combination in mind I can take bespoke cake orders or see my Flavour & Decoration page for my popular cake flavours as well as all the decoration options.


I can make cakes from 6 portions up to 20+ as well as tiered cakes. For more information on cake serving sizes head to my Cake Portioning page and see my Cake Ordering Guide to take you through the steps involved in placing your order.

I can also make bespoke desserts for example the 30th pavlova to the right. Shape, flavour and decoration completely chosen by the birthday girl. This dessert is a matcha pavlova with vanilla, matcha whipped cream, fresh fruit and mixed berry macarons.

For bespoke large desserts drop me a message!

IMG_0570 copy.HEIC


Nearly all of my products can meet a gluten free or lactose free diet, and 2 of my chocolate tarts are available vegan!

(Please note all my products are made in the same kitchen and there is a risk of cross contamination)

With most of my loaf cakes available LF or GF I am therefore able to create celebration cakes to meet these requirements. This chocolate cake to the left is completely gluten free. It is a chocolate syrup soaked sponge with smooth dark chocolate ganache and chocolate sprinkles.

Check out my Menu to see what is available and if you have any queries don't hesitate to Message me.

Cambridge - Enquire now via email - Give me a call- 07738 462476


Rachel Bakes

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